What the world's most financially successful bloggers know that you don't..

  • They have identified their audience and know their spot in the marketplace.
  • They didn't just build a blog or treat it as a hobby, they built a BRAND and had a clear-cut vision of where they wanted that brand to go. 
  • They studied the analytics.
  • They learnt an unspoken language - the digital language.
  • They spread their income streams.  If all of a sudden your only stream of income dries up how will you survive? spreading your income sources means your business can carry on.
  • They weren't afraid to ask for help.  Most small businesses especially at the start-up phase try to do everything themselves - from accounting, to sales, to marketing and customer service... you cannot expect to be an expert in all fields so it is important to know when to seek external advice.  Keeping on top of this can save you $$ thousands of dollars in the long run, it is easier to fix problems as they happen rather than months or for some years later!!