Work smarter for your creative dollar not harder ...

A designer wardrobe is not meant to be sweated in, spend more time being creative with these top tips for working smarter not harder:


Plan the night before.  Preparing your work tasks and writing your to do list for the following day the night before is a very effective time management technique.  Often when you go to sleep at night your subconscious then goes to work on your plans and goals while you are asleep. When you are relaxed, your mind is often at its best.  Waking up with clarity and purpose is an amazing way to start the day !

Establish processes & stick to them.  Becoming an expert in anything takes constant work, it means refining your recipe until it becomes your secret dish.  Progress comes with consistency, if you have a major project map it out in stages, schedule each stage into your calendar to ensure it is achievable that way it is less daunting and overwhelming.

Complete your most important tasks first.  Allocate blocks of time even as little as 20 mins towards getting the most important task done at the start of your work day, it is a simple yet proven technique for productivity. Often we struggle with the most important jobs, we put them off, procrastinate and we come up with excuses .  "Setting goals is the first step in turning the visible into the invisible". (Tony Robbins)

Work with urgency.  A common trait that makes the difference between average and superior performance is urgency.  A sense of urgency drives you to work in a highly productive manner, it gives you momentum and contributes to the long term goals and visions of your business.  Make a conscious decision today and commit to working with urgency, see for yourself the opportunities that will present themselves - remember people will pay more for someone that can satisfy their needs faster than anyone else.

Learn to switch off & unplug your devices.  Constantly checking your phone and being disturbed when a new email pings into your account can make us the opposite of productive.  Learning to switch off and regularly disconnect from the digital world not only helps you to reconnect with yourself, your brain will work better, you will make better decisions and notice improved efficiency in all areas of your life.  Sleeping with your phone next to you on vibrate won't give you a good nights sleep - switch it off completely or better yet leave it in another room so you get the hard earned rest you deserve !